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About the Client «TriLan» company developed a CRM for internal needs. We have many clients and a CRM system became a solution for an effective management in the company. In order to perform the best in terms of client management we decided to develop our own customer relation management system.
Provided Services

Our specialists carried out the whole range of works from initial interface system creation to coding implementation.

Stages of work

This project’s team consisted of three specialists: our leading developer Natalia Yumatova, programmer Olga Borisova and art-director Olga Kruglova. The project was supervised by Vitaly Plotnikov.

As soon as the CRM was created for our internal needs, the specialists were free to choose programming language and technologies to be used.

Project team applied many unique implementations created specially for this CRM.

The Result

As a result of this project we created a fast CRM system for «TriLan». Our CRM allows to notify the user by a client app about any actions and events on the service in real-time, to perform a highly relevant full text search, generate PDF-reports (graphs creation included) as well as many other types of work that simplifies customer management.

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