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About the Client One of our clients «» is a project that helps society to control the achievement of promises made by leaders, politicians, celebrities, etc. Every user has opportunity to add items to the list of promises and forecasts – they can send information to email or publish it onto the website itself. Experts from the «Analytics» department, which includes famous writers, journalists, sociologists, political scientists and other professionals, take part in commenting and evaluating of published claims.
Provided Services

The client defined the task as follows:

«Create a mass media site which allows collecting and controlling of public statements and forecasts, filter and classify them by topic, location, personas and organizations. Create an opportunity for users to add statements and check the information about fulfilled promises».

Stages of work

We made an analysis of tasks, possible solutions and designed the prototypes of the main pages.

As far as the main problem of the project was the opportunity to check and follow the fulfillment of promises and forecasts made by famous personas, the largest space on the main page was dedicated to promises, personas rankings and latest news.

After design creation stage, programming and html-editing followed.

The Result

The project keeps living and is being developed and becoming more and more popular: the number of views in 2012 has increased from 944 390 to 2 422 612.

The medium daily number of unique visitors reached about 20 000, and the number of page views – about 32 000 per day.

«» generates about 530 000 visits per month; 820 000 views within the same period; almost 3 000 promises and forecasts are being added by users; the project has more than 3 000 subscribers in social media; 1400 personas and 700 organizations are added to the database; 36 experts and journalists have published more than 300 articles. «» is the most popular site in it's niche and the only one Russian project in this segment.

In November 2012 «» won the «Anti-prize of Runet» in award «For outstanding achievements in online mass media»

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